• Image of Issue 1 Misha Hart

Issue one of IN BLOOM is to be an inspiration and we feel inspired reading through it. Take out the pictures and stick them on your wall. Take a leaf out of Nuala Swans book - grab a camera and get started. Grow a beard for a bet and become a megastar. Start today because that’s what we did. We recognised our dream and we took a wild leap in to the unknown to make it happen.

From the obscure, haunting filmic pictures of Bryan M. Ferguson, the dreamy Loch Lomond editorial from Emily Wylde and the edgy and confrontational images of Stewart Bryden to Frightened Rabbit to Paws, we’ve prepared a big one.

Fashion, Punk, Editorial, Independant, Beautiful, Coffee table, Print, Feminist, Young Entrepreneurs, do it yourself!

Release date - August 2014